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  1. Which are the best Uttarakhand tour packages?
  2. Here we have listed a few of the best Uttarakhand Packages for you. Check them out:
    1. Haridwar To Nainital Tour Package
    2. 4 Days 3 Night Mussoorie Tour Package
    3. Mussoorie Tour Package from Delhi
    4. Haridwar To Mussoorie Tour Package
    5. Jim Corbett Tour Package from Nainital
  1. What are the best places to visit on a Uttarakhand tour with family?
    1. Dehradun: Providing scenic vistas and stunning landscapes, Dehradun is a perfect city for a family vacation during Uttarakhand tour packages. With beautiful weather all through the year, it makes for a perfect rejuvenating place away from city life. Explore this small city which is also one of the important education hubs in the country and make your holiday worth remembering. Dehradun is without a doubt one of the most important Uttarakhand tourist destinations for all types of visitors, and it is an integral element of Uttarakhand holiday packages.
    2. Haridwar: The religious chanting and prayers on the lips of the tourists is what welcomes you in Haridwar, one of the most famous pilgrimage sites in India. With numerous sights and temples worth seeing in Haridwar, it makes for an ideal place in Uttarakhand trip packages to visit with family. It is also home to some of the famous spiritual and yoga centres of learning.
    3. Rishikesh: Encapsulated by the lush green surroundings, riveting scenic beauty and architectural wonders, Rishikesh makes for one of the most amazing places to visit with family in Uttarakhand holiday packages. Also known for its adventurous water sports like kayaking, river rafting, canoeing and more, it will offer you the best time where you will create moments worth cherishing.
    4. Nainital:Known as the city of lakes, Nainital is one of the best places to visit with family in Uttarakhand packages. This city makes for a perfect getaway as it is surrounded by the most stunning vistas along with peace and tranquility. With pleasant weather and numerous attractions worth witnessing, it makes for an amazing holiday destination.
    5. Jim Corbett National Park: A remarkable place to witness wildlife and nature up close, Jim Corbett National Park is the place to go. Perfect for a family vacation during Uttarakhand tour packages, this is one of the oldest national parks rich in flora and fauna. You can witness Royal Bengal Tiger and innumerable species of birds here, a terrific experience.
  1. Which are the famous hill stations in Uttarakhand?
  2. Snow-laden mountains, scenic waterfalls, and emerald jungles mark the beauty of Uttarakhand. Be it Mussoorie, Nainital, Almora, Badrinath, Ranikhet, or Kausani; each hill station is unparalleled in terms of angelic beauty and amusing destinations. So, if you opt for an Uttarakhand tour packages, make sure you hit these hill stations and discover all the scenic locations.
    1. Nainital: Mesmerizingly picturesque, this hill station of Uttarakhand has plenty of gorgeous resorts to stay in and offers postcard views all around. A sparkling lake lies in the middle of the city, called Naini Lake, which is an excellent site to go boating. A paradise for nature lovers, tourists to Nainital, love trekking over Naini peak to watch the sublime sunrises and sunsets from the highest point of the city.
    2. Kedarnath: To the followers of Hinduism, a trek to Kedarnath is the most sacred pilgrimage as it is the abode of Lord Shiva. A part of the Chota Char Dham, or smaller four holy abodes, it is frequented by millions of pilgrims every year. With majestic mountains overlooking it and River Mandakini flowing by its side, the ancient temple of Kedarnath is surrounded by verdant greenery and houses intricately carved idols and lingams of Lord Shiva.
    3. Mussoorie: Referred to as the ‘Queen of the Hills,’ Mussoorie attracts a lot of youngsters due to the happening attractions spread across the entire city. From bathing in the Kempty Falls and driving smoothly along Camel’s Back Road, to climbing the peak of George Everest and shopping in the Mall Road, the city is a perfect blend of a hill station’s serenity and a city’s bustling charm and one must include this beautiful city in their Uttarakhand tour packages.
  1. What is famous in Uttarakhand?
  2. Uttarakhand is famous for its splendid hill stations and holiday destinations like Nainital, Mussoorie, Ranikhet, Dhanaulti, Auli, Valley of Flowers and many others. The state is also popular for adventure sports like zip lining, flying fox, rappelling, paragliding, trekking, etc. With your Uttarakhand packages, you can curate your itineraries to pick the best fun filled activities, scenic destinations, amazing local food explorations and excellent hospitality.
  1. What are the best adventure activities to enjoy on your vacation to Uttarakhand?
  2. When deciding on your tour with the Uttarakhand trip package, you have a multitude of captivating options to consider. Whether you are drawn to the popular Uttarakhand attractions or yearn to explore the offbeat spots hidden within the region, there are plenty of exciting inclusions available to make your Uttarakhand experience truly memorable.
    1. Trekking: Uttarakhand holiday packages offer the most amazing trekking experience with mesmerizing views of the Himalayas. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, Uttarakhand has treks to suit everyone’s needs. You can enjoy the Valley of Flowers Trek, Deoriatal, Tungnath, and Chandrashila treks in Uttarakhand. There are also courses offered where you can learn trekking before going on one.
    2. Paragliding: The bewitching views, bird’s eye view of the surroundings takes you by surprise while you paraglide in Uttarakhand. This experience will make your heart skip a beat as you soar high, almost feeling like touching the sky. Offering this adrenaline rush, Uttarakhand has numerous paragliding spots where you can take this beautiful experience. This is an excellent experience for adventure seekers to add to their Uttarakhand trip packages to make their vacation even more memorable.
    3. Canoeing & Kayaking:Paddle through in the Kayak against the water flows in Uttarakhand, an experience of a lifetime. With numerous places offering this adventure sport, you can also learn the basics by the professionals available to teach you at a nominal cost.
    4. Ziplining: One of the most exciting and thrilling activities offered in Uttarakhand tour packages is ziplining. Perfect for people who love adventure and adrenaline rush, ziplining will provide you with an experience that will leave an indelible imprint on your heart. The sight of the gushing water and scenic surroundings while you slope will enhance your experience.
    5. Skiing: One of the most exhilarating adventure activities, Skiing in Uttarakhand packages offers an experience that will dwell in your heart. Slide on the snow at Auli draped in beautiful white and indulge in this enchanting experience. If you don’t know how to ski, experts are present to teach you and you can take classes before enjoying this mesmerizing experience. We therefore recommend adding the Auli Skiing experience to the Uttarakhand vacation packages. 
  1. Which are some famous treks I can do on the Uttarakhand tour?
  2. Lying in the geographical center of Himalayas, Uttarakhand offers more treks than imaginable. Many of these treks are still being discovered, but if you’re more of a casual trekker, we will guide you through some of the most famous treks available in Uttarakhand tour packages.
    1. Brahmatal Trek: You are low on time and want to experience the most; then, you shouldn’t look further than Brahmatal trek. It is Jam-packed with luscious green forests, views of some the most exemplary peaks in Uttarakhand trip packages, and rare wildlife.It is also one of the least crowded treks you will find in the current times. To top it all off, it has arguably the 2 most beautiful lakes in the entire country, which give out a very beautiful vibe when frozen.
    2. Flower Valley Trek: It is said that this is the most fresh trek in the entire world, and people cannot argue with that. One could really fall for the serenity this trek provides. With beautiful glimpses of the great Himalayas and flora that can’t be found anywhere else, it’s worth it to have it on your trek list.To reach this valley you need to trek from Govind Ghat to Hemkund Sahib that leads up to Ghangaria.The valley is just 5 kilometers from Ghangaria and you can also find a serene lake called Hemkund over here.
    3. Har Ki Dun Trek: A trek that shouldn’t be missed if you have a good amount of time in your hands. Many trekkers revere this trek for its rich culture. You can experience the ancient Himalayas in their best form as you make it through the various ridges, meadows, basins, forests, and villages. Homing the most renowned campsites in India, it’s a trek that any veteran would recommend.
    4. Dayara Bugyal Trek: A trek perfect for beginners, Dayara Bugyal, has some of the best meadows on the planet. This trek offers you everything a high altitude trek offers and yet is a very relaxing and laid back trek. Spectacular mountain views and ancient villages would make you want to stay there forever. This trek does wonder in bringing out the nature lover in you as you will find meadows like no others as you go through the fantastic forests.
    5. Deoriatal Chandrashila Trek: A trek that feels like it was made for the breathtaking summit views it offers. The most popular Uttarakhand trek offers you not only the views of a few Himalayan peaks but lets you see all of the peaks and summits of the eastern and western Uttarakhand It also provides you with some of the best forest trails in India and is a heaven for birdwatchers. You can detect diverse species of birds over here such as griffins, snow partridges, and Himalayan woodpeckers. This is an excellent activity to include in your Uttarakhand tour packages for adventure seekers.
  1. Which are the main pilgrimage sites in Uttarakhand?
  2. The Chota Char Dham, comprising the sacred temples of Kedarnath, Badrinath, Yamunotri, and Gangotri, holds immense significance for Hindu devotees worldwide. These four holy abodes are nestled high in the Himalayas, making them a must-visit in Uttarakhand trip packages. Along with popular destinations like Haridwar and Rishikesh, Uttarakhand packages often include these divine centers, offering a truly spiritual experience.
    1. Kedarnath: Far above in the snow-capped mountains of Himalayas, perched peacefully in a lush green valley, lies the holy shrine of Kedarnath. Witnessing devotees from all over the world, the ancient temple of Kedarnath is amongst the most prominent shrines of Lord Shiva and is part of the Chota Char Dham.The breathtaking beauty of its landscape bewitches anyone who visits it. Starting at the sacred lake of Gauri Kund, to reach the temple, one needs to cover a trek of 22 km. Journeying on foot to the shrine and worshipping with full devotion to Lord Shiva is said to relieve one from his problems and grant the blessing of the god.
    2. Badrinath: Known as the birthplace of River Alaknanda, Badrinath is an eminent Hindu pilgrimage site that consecrates the preserver, Lord Vishnu. Surrounded by majestic mountains from all corners, this temple finds its name in many Hindu Puranas and Vedas. Every year, from April to November, the shrine is thronged by millions of Vishnu devotees traveling on foot to seek the blessings of their Lord. The ancient architecture of this temple is pleasing to the eyes and refreshes the soul of anyone who prays in it. Fragranced flowers are showered upon the black stoned effigy of Lord Vishnu enshrined over here.
    3. Yamunotri: High above in the Garhwal region of the Himalayas lies the Champasar glacier from which River Yamuna originates. Said to be the resting place of Goddess Yamuna, this pilgrim site even has a magnificent temple dedicated to the goddess and has her effigy carved out of black marble. Worshipped for being the giver of life for Indian civilizations for centuries, Yamunotri is the third temple among Chota Char Dham. Since Hindu epics mention Lord Yama, the god of death, as the brother of Goddess Yamunotri, devotees believe that traveling to this place grants a peaceful death.
    4. Gangotri: Lastly, the birthplace of the holy river the Ganges is the sacred pilgrimage center of Gangotri. The Hindu deity behind the great force of this river is believed to be Goddess Ganga. Emerging as Bhagirathi from the gigantic glacier, River Ganga is visited by pilgrims seeking repentance of their sins and blessings for a new start. The fourth shrine in the group of Chota Char Dham, pilgrims, visit Gangotri after going first to Yamunotri.
  1. How many days are enough for Uttarakhand?
  2. Uttarakhand travel packages include a variety of attractions, which at least requires 6 to 7 days of exploration. During this time, you can wander through this beautiful state known as “The Land of Gods” on your Uttarakhand tours and immerse in the religious environment of Haridwar, Rishikesh while admiring the charms and Nainital and Dehradun. You can also embark on the impressive sights of this Himalayan paradise.
  1. How much does an Uttarakhand trip cost?
  2. A specially curated Uttarakhand trip generally starts from INR 11500 upto INR 25500 per person. With these Uttarakhand tour packages usually include stay, visit to the attraction, certain activities as well as meals. However, you can pick your desired package based on destinations included, number of days, type of accommodation, sightseeing tours and meal plans.
  1. Is there snowfall in Uttarakhand?
  2. Yes, there is snowfall in Uttarakhand every year between November to January. Some of the most popular places in Uttarakhand that receive snowfall are Auli, Mussoorie, Chopta, Khirsu, Kausani, Mukteshwar, Binsar, Dhanaulti, Chakrata and Munsiyari. The snow covered destinations of Uttarakhand offer amazing activities such as skiing, trekking, birdwatching, snowboarding, camping, photography, spelunking and lots more.
  1. Which are the best places in Uttarakhand to enjoy snowfall?
    1. Auli – As winter sets in and snowfall starts, Auli is transformed into this mesmerising land where the green meadows, tall trees and beautiful landscape is covered in a blanket of white powdery snow. This is famous amongst winter sports enthusiasts who visit this spellbinding destination to indulge in skiing, snowboarding and snow trekking amongst other fun full activities.
    2. Chopta – Chopta is another famous winter destination to add to your Uttarakhand travel packages to enjoy snowfall. Some of the best activities you can enjoy in Chopta are skiing, snow trekking to the famous Tungnath Temple, visiting the Kanchula Korak Musk Deer Sanctuary, winter photography, hiking and temple visits.
    3. Mukteshwar – Mukteshwar is an enchanting hamlet in the Kumaon region and experiences good snowfall in winter. You can soak in this beautiful place to enjoy nature walks, bird watching, photography, rock climbing, snow trekking, gondola rides, rappelling and camping. Some of the famous attractions here are Chauli ki  Jali, Peora and the Mukteshwar Temple.
    4. Mussoorie – Mussoorie becomes a wonderland when it is covered in snow and visitors throng here to enjoy the beauty of this magical hill station. When you visit Mussoorie in your Uttarakhand tours you can enjoy winter activities like hiking, snow trekking, get the perfect shot of the spectacular sunset views from Laal Tibba and many other activities in the snow.
  1. What are the romantic things to do in Uttarakhand?
    1. Skiing and other snow activities –  The imposing peaks in Uttarakhand are covered in a pristine blanket of powdery snow during winters offering perfect skiing conditions for couples who enjoy adventure sports in the snow. Some of the best destinations for this are Auli, Mussoorie, Chopta, Mukteshwar, etc.
    2. Go on a safari – If you and your partner share a love for wildlife then Uttarakhand has several places where you can enjoy an exciting safari. Some of the best destinations for wildlife safaris are Jim Corbett Park, Rajaji National Park, Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary, Pangot and Kilbury Bird Sanctuary and Benog Wildlife Sanctuary Mussoorie.
    3. Cruise the skies of Uttarakhand on a hot air balloon ride –  One of the most romantic things you can do as a couple in Uttarakhand is to fly in the skies on a hot air balloon. The best destinations where you can enjoy with your partner are Rishikesh, Mussoorie and Dehradun.
    4. Boat rides in the lakes of Uttarakhand – Nothing spells romance better on an Uttarakhand trip than a boat ride and this beautiful state has a multitude of shimmering pristine lakes to cater to this particular activity. Some of the best places to enjoy boating in Uttarakhand are Bhimtal Lake, Naini Lake, Sattal Lake and Tehri Lake.
  1. Which are the best places to visit in Uttarakhand during summers?
    1. Nainital –Nainital is one of the best places to book for your Uttarakhand vacation packages during summers. This mesmerising city of lakes offers a plethora of attractions like High Altitude Zoo, the Eco Cave Garden Gurney’s House and many others. Nainital is a great place to enjoy summer holidays in the lap of the Himalayas because it still has a strong touch of the old world charm which is still prevalent.
    2. Chakrata – This is a mesmerising, off- beat hill station in Uttarakhand which is ideal for those who are looking for some relaxing and rejuvenating time in peaceful surroundings. This is an ideal destination for avid hikers and birdwatchers as Chakrata is blessed with dense flora and exotic wildlife. Some of the best attractions here are the Tiger Falls and Chilmiri Neck in the Deoban Forests which come lively especially in the summer season.
    3. Tehri –Tehri is one of the best summer destinations in Uttarakhand with its undulating hills, stunning views of the spectacular Tehri Lake and refreshing weather conditions. Tehri is also famous for its array of adventure sports like river rafting, banana boat rides, jet skiing, kayaking, parasailing, water skiing and more.
    4. Kausani – Kausani is famous amongst those looking for respite from the hustle bustle of city life. This village offers splendid views, amazing trails for nature walks, and spectacular attractions like the Stargate Observatory, Rudradhari Falls and Caves and Kausani tea estates.
  2. What are the best Uttarakhand tour packages that we can book with Adiyogi Tour and Travel?
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